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Brave Browser Offline Installer 2020 Free Download

Brave Browser is a web browser open-source that can be used for free. If You are looking for a lightweight browser and is equipped with features ad blocker, then the browser made by Brave Software Inch this can be the right choice for You.


File Name        : Brave Browser

Requirements  : Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows XP

Versions           : 2.5.2-41

Publisher          : https://brave.com

Size                  : 88.70 Mb



Browser developed by the creator of JavaScript and one of the founders of the project Mozilla is also supplied with the Windows Personal which can make You become anonymous for surfing on the internet.

Because the browser is based on Chromium, the user is also able to use the extension of Google Chrome on Brave Browser to extend the functionality and features provided. The user can download it in the Chrome Web Store.

Feature Brave Browser

Even though browser this is not as popular as Chrome, however the browser is becoming one of the preferred favorite for users who are more rely on the speed and security of data privacy. Here are some features pre-eminent Brave Browser that You need to know:

  • Brave Shields. Brave Shields is a feature that can protect Your privacy data for surfing on the internet. By activating the feature on this one, diverse kinds of tracking can be blocked so that the user remains safe for surfing on the internet. Users are also able to configure the level of protection to the highest level by blocking JavaScript and cookies, but if You set it to the level of the highest number of web site usually be broken.
  • Window Personal with Tor. Most of the browser currently provides the feature called Mode Personally, but this feature is usually only hide the narration. Different with feature Window Personal available in Brave Browser. By using this feature, Your narration is not only concealed, but Your location will also be hidden with merutekan search by You to some server before reaching the destination.
  • Brave Rewards. If You interact with advertising provided by the Brave, You can get a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged with real money. With this feature You can surf on the internet while collecting the coffers of dollars.

In short, if You want to use a browser that is lightweight, fast, and equipped with features pemblokir ad then Brave Browser is one browser that You should consider.

Download Brave Browser Latest Version