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Torch Browser Updates 2020 Free Download

Torch Browser is a web browser built using the same source code with Google Chrome, ie, Chromium. However browser developed by Torch Media Inc. it is equipped with many more features.


File Name        : Torch Browser for Windows

Requirements  : Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows XP

Publisher          : https://torchbrowser.com/

Size                  : 78.67 Mb

License           : Freeware


Because it is based on Chromium, the appearance of the browser interface is similar to Chrome so if You are already accustomed to using a browser made by Google that You’ll have no trouble when using the browser this one.

Although built using the same source code, the browser is equipped with some features that do not exist in Chrome. Most of the features will help users who often download files on the internet.

This is because the browser is equipped with a feature called Media Grabber that can be used to download audio and video from the internet so You don’t need to be complicated using a third party application.

The Excellent Features Of Torch Browser
Although not as popular as Chrome, the browser is usually a favorite choice for users who frequently download audio and video on the internet. The number of users who prefer using this browser is certainly not without reason, here are some of the excellent features of Torch Browser that You need to know:

  • Media Grabber. One of the features most accentuated from the browser this one is a feature called Media Grabber. By using this feature, You can download audio and video from various web sites on the internet, including YouTube. To its use is also quite easy, You just need to play the audio or video that you want to download then press the Media icon Grabber, after that audio or video will be automatically downloaded.
  • Torch Torrent. If You often download files on the internet, must have already been familiar with torrent. By using this browser, You don’t need to be complicated again using the torrent manager a third party. Because, this browser comes with a torrent manager default named Torch Torrent. You can use this feature to download and manage the download torrent directly from browser.
  • Torch Player. When the video file finishes downloading, we usually need to rotate using the application to a third party outside of the browser. By using Torch Browser, You can play it directly using the media player embedded in the browser. Interestingly, the media player embedded can play video hasn’t finished downloading yet so You don’t have to wait long to enjoy the excitement of impressions that are in the video.
  • Torch Music. Surfing on the internet will certainly be more fun if you do it while listening to music. By using this browser, You can surf your favorite music and millions of videos from YouTube. In addition, You can also create your own playlists, control your music like pause, and change songs and control the volume directly without having to close the tab currently opened.
  • Facelift Torch. Bored with the appearance of Facebook-that’s it? You don’t need to worry about when using the browser this one. The reason, the Torch is equipped with the features of Facelift that can be used to personalize the appearance of Facebook, starting from the background, the colors, to the font can be adjusted according to needs. If You don’t want to elaborate adjust the display manually, You can use the theme of Facebook that has been provided.
  • Download Accelerator. The Browser is also equipped with Download Accelerator that can accelerate the download process. Like accelerator the download other, this technology will divide the files into several parts and download them simultaneously via multiple connections.

Details Torch Browser is an alternative browser Google Chrome which is very suitable for those of us who often download files in the internet network.

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