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Adobe AIR Updates 2020 Free Download

Adobe AIR

As we know that, software called Adobe AIR is becoming one of the flagship products from one of the software companies as Adobe Systems. We may also not feel foreign with Adobe Flash or Adobe Reader. They are all developed by the same company but have different functions. But for Adobe this WATER, in particular, is used as the software to develop a blog or website. Users of this software will also be facilitated with the system development of the web (Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax).


File Name        : Adobe AIR for Windows

Requirements  : Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows XP

Versions           : Latest version

Publisher          : https://www.adobe.com/

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In the world of programming, especially on the web already many developing platforms – the platform used for the manufacture of the web. The type of web sales, social media, or even blogs to share information popping up more and more and sometimes present in the packaging creatively. The need for a web developer was more widespread in the community.

If earlier most of the web developers or web programmers prefer to use a platform such as HTML, javascript line, or PHP. However this time many platforms a new type which also appears as a solution in the manufacture of the web in a creative, one of which is this app.

For the web developers is very reasonable if the use of Adobe AIR is still less dominant compared to HTML, Javascript, VB, or other. This is because the software is Adobe AIR is still relatively new due to the new officially launched by Adobe System in the year 2008. The previous software was launched in 2007 but is still given the name Apollo. The intent of the term WATER stands for Adobe Integrated Runtime. And for a website that was created by using this app is usually developed and executed with RIA (Rich Internet Application) so it will look like a desktop application. If in general the web application goes online, but it’s a different case if using this app.

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In general, the application of this WATER will be installed first on the computer and can be run online or offline. This installation process will also allow the application can open, edit, or save the data/information contained in the client computer. One example of an app developed using this app is eBay on the desktop. One of the sites of the largest sales in the world’s turned out to present with the help of a software developer named Adobe AIR.

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