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AIMP Updates 2020 Free Download

AIMP is a very good app for listening to music. this app comes in 2006, and can be accepted almost in all countries. Due to the many versions of the language and ease of use.


File Name        : AIMP for Windows

Requirements  : Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows XP

Versions           : 4.60.2180

Publisher          : https://www.aimp.ru/

Size                  : 11.30 Mb


In addition to common features such as playlists, equalizer, or the add from file this software also has other features such as the ability to change the language, change the skin or theme, audio converter, and much more. The playlist feature you can do the sorting of the file or in the common language of the sort the file so that it is organized and neat, there’s also a search that can help you find the desired file.AIMP free for windows

Most make this software become popular is the availability of the scheduler feature. With this feature, you can set up the automatic schedule to turn off the music on the list that played. Even more great again settings are available to turn off Your computer automatically and specified in the specific duration.

This Software is considered multifunctional because it has the ability in terms of play almost all the audio file types that exist today. In addition to MP3 and MP4 already you meet, this software can also play other extensions including 4 types of files that I had previously written. Nearly 20 kinds of audio files can be executed here so that you do not need to install more than one software. Just need AIMP then it is guaranteed you will not be disappointed.

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In addition, the interface is also quite simple and the navigation tools so it is quite easy for the users. Arguably AIMP is very inappropriate to be aligned with the software – software such as WinAmp or VLC media player. Although present with a wide range of advantages but the software is classified as freeware alias gratis. You can directly visit its official web or through links spread on the internet, after that, you downloaded and then installed.

AIMP Latest. Listen to the song to be a very important thing even be one way or method to reflect on themselves. Many variations of the song or audio that is available both for free and paid. To be able to listen to any don’t have to use a special device like an MP3 player or a Tape Recorder because when this becomes a common thing to listen to the audio file via mobile phone or computer.

Progress is also coupled with the emergence of file – the file type of the new has an assortment of extensions that you’ve never even heard of. Call it like MP2, CDA, DTS, FLAC, and many more. Files with extensions such as that sometimes can’t be played on the software haphazardly like Windows Media Player. You need special software audio players that have multifunctional capabilities, in this case, I suggest that you use a software AIMP. We provide link download free.

Download AIMP Latest Version