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PotPlayer Updates 2020 Free Download

PotPlayer or commonly called Daum PotPlayer is one of the software player audio and video files which is relatively lightweight and has an interface very interesting. For users who are accustomed to audio and video player may assume PotPlayer is somewhat similar to the KMPlayer, which also is a software audio player video but different development and performance.


File Name        : PotPlayer for Windows

Requirements  : Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows XP

Versions           : Last Update

Publisher          : https://potplayer.daum.net/

Size                  : 28.64 Mb

DOWNLOAD 32Bit/64Bit

The appearance of PotPlayer minimalist and changed according to the type of file being played. If the airplay is an audio file, it will shrink into a window-sized mini that can be in the pin on the screen.Download PotPlayer

This Software has its own advantages if compared with a DVD player, audio-video, i.e., capable of supporting almost all audio and video file types. This is because in PotPlayer there is already a codec to play the audio and video. The term codec is an acronym that compression-decompression or code decode where its main function is to do the compress and extract files that will play but not change the extension of the original. For other software that does not have the codec you need to install the codec on its own, but this does not happen on the windows media player

Although in terms of popularity PotPlayer is still quite rare, however, for performance can, of course, be taken into account. Although in its previous versions of many users don’t understand because of the language (Korean) but through some software updates, this slowly to be able to compete. In addition to the light and able to support all types of audio and video files, using windows media player you can playback up to 1000 files with the format of AVI/WMV/MKV or even MPG at once because it is durability this software is very remarkable.

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Other features that bookmark. While watching the film, there may be scenes that invite a question mark or very memorable. The scene that you can bookmark so that later can be watched again without having to search for in the minute’s number of scenes that occur. Each scene is bookmarked sites are displayed in thumbnail form and are grouped based on the file name.

Watch a foreign language film without subtitles is certainly not comfortable it feels. In this case, the windows media player provides many options to search and download subtitles, change the font and color of the subtitle, make it transparent, and so on. You can even set windows media player to translate the subtitle directly for all languages that it supports by using Bing or Google Translate.

Download PotPlayer Latest Version