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SMPlayer Updates 2020 Free Download

SMPlayer is a media player software or media player that free, free, and opensource. Multiplatform, can be played or installed on Microsoft Windows and all Linux distributions. Codec available built-in that can play virtually all video and audio in various formats. So it does not require codecs external or additional. This app can also play, search up download, or download videos easily.


File Name        : SMPlayer

Requirements  : Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows XP

Versions           : 20.6.0

Publisher          : https://www.smplayer.info/

Size                  : 43.9 Mb


SMPlayer is able to play all the videos that failed to be handled by the video player. By relying on MPlayer and MPV as the backend to serve video. You can try both alternatives to find out which one is able to give the best results. A portable version is also there if you want to always carry it around in a flash drive that can be run on another computer.SMPlayer for windows

You can control the video playback with a mouse and keyboard. One-click to pause the video time, double-click to watch the video in full screen, click the mouse wheel to turn off the audio, turn the mouse wheel to manage the volume, right-click to take a screenshot, and so on. In essence, you are free to change the function of each mouse button when used in SMPlayer.

The Keyboard is also the same. Open the Preferences window, and set the function of each keyboard shortcut as much detail as possible. Add a new shortcut for each command that is still yet another associated with shortcut anything. Fox shortcut if necessary, such as Ctrl + X you can change the Esc key to close the this app.

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SMPlayer is able to recall at the minute I’m not a video closed. When the video was again played, SMPlayer will resume playback on the minutes. A feature called auto-resume is one of the features to be proud of by the developer of SMPlayer, but this feature is no longer something that is unique because the average video player output latest already has it. Some video players also provide features auto-resume, among others, PotPlayer, GOM Player, 5K Player, MPC-HC, MPC-BE, and Splash Player.

How to SMPlayer in displaying the subtitle is also not much different with other video players. Subtitle be detected and displayed automatically, its position on the screen can be adjusted so not so disturbing when you watch the video, and the color can be changed and given a shadow effect to make it look more clear. Subtitle you can also download from OpenSubtitles via SMPLayer.

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